The Herbal Dispensary, Raglan

I feel so lucky to live in Raglan, and one of the reasons is having the Herbal Dispensary Shop & Clinic on my doorstep.  Not only do they stock a load of organic food items, including fruit and veges, organic dry goods, baking flours, pasta flour, spices, spreads, organic olive oils, delicious cheeses, yogurts, tofu and tempeh they also have a range of natural skincare and haircare, herbal tea blends, green teas, organic vegetable and herb seeds and seedlings and a unique giftware range.

Their amazing on site clinic with qualified naturopaths is there to help out with any ailment, they can prescribe practitioner only products from their Dispensary or should a more extensive intervention be necessary they can also see you for a private consultation.

Also out the back of their shop is a beautiful herb garden where you can go and relax with one of their delicious juices or smoothies.

They’re also available online, which is handy if you’re after one of their specialised organic items but Raglan’s a bit far to travel to:







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