Lemon Coconut Martini

We planted a whole lot of fruit trees on our property last Summer and our lemon tree has just started to fruit!  It’s so exciting to finally start to see our edible garden grow… as painfully slow as the process is; especially the avocado trees we’ve grown from seed –  7 – 1 0 years we have to wait for them to fruit!


I figured first fruit of our mini orchard was reason enough to celebrate, so I whipped up this yummy martini.  You could totally drink it as a bit of a health drink if you left out the vodka!

Lemon Coconut Martini Recipe

Lemon Coconut Martini

  • 1 Cup of coconut water
  • Juice of a whole lemon
  • 1.5 tsps runny honey
  • 50mls vodka

Shake up or whisk, pour into glass, grab a chair in the sun and enjoy..